Andreas J. Reif

Award-winning Designer, Motion Graphics Artist, Filmmaker, and Cinematographer.

Ted Gatsas for Executive Council
Nysics Media was commissioned to create an ad for the Ted Gatsas for Executive Council campaign. The video was co-produced by RevT.
October, 2018
SNHU Commencement 2018
SNHU's yearly commencement is a big deal. To create an experience students would never forget, Media Services was put in charge of designing the stage, lighting, and media assets.
July, 2018
Run (A short film)
Trying to keep her problems behind her, Miranda runs away, losing her friends, family, and her path in the process. Left desperate, alone, and in need of saving, Miranda finds that only in asking for help can she find rest.
December, 2017
SNHU InterVarsity
Explore how God has been using InterVarsity at SNHU to be a witnessing community to know God and make Him known.
March, 2018
March, 2017
State of the NHFCR
The first State of the NHFCR address set the standard for addresses to come; as such, it was important to design marketing materials, flyers, and speaker cards.
November, 2017
No Silence Media was hired to create a video for a now successful Kickstarter project to create smart, miniature weighing devices.
July, 2016
Redux (Short Film)
March, 2014
Social Ghost: From Zero to More Than Zero
In this experimental school documentary, we follow the band "Social Ghost" through growing pains, with one of the members in Italy and another moving away at the end of the semester, as they prepare to play their first show.
May, 2018
Working with the team at SNHU Media Services, I was given the opportunity to capture some amazing footage for this campaign and collaborate with other members on the team in creating the final product.
November, 2017
New Hampshire Federation of College Republicans Brand
As the previous administration did not have any type of branding, the Define Professionalism ticket tasked me with creating a brand identity, social media presence, and communications infrastructure.
July, 2017
SNHU Instructive Flyers
The SNHU Media Services team tasked me with creating clear, simple instructional flyers on how to use presentation systems in the classroom.
November, 2017
A video journey exploring the beauty God has placed all around us in beautiful NH.
October, 2016
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