AQYR Product Videos

AQYR Product Videos

Software Used
Adobe After EffectsAdobe Premiere Pro
Hardware Used
Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera
Motion GraphicsVideoAdvertisementUI/UXCase Study
No Silence Media

No Silence Media was tasked with creating product videos for AQYR's Typhoon and ThinPack series of satellites.

AQYR was proud of how simple and easy-to-use their products wereβ€”as a result, we decided to style the videos off of another company who prides themselves on simplicity, Apple. We designed our product shots to showcase each device's design, and used motion graphics to visualize the simplicity of the devices.

AQYR Typhoon

AQYR ThinPack AutoAQYR

Motion Graphics

Product Shots


Creating the UI


AQYR wasn't just proud the simplicity of their hardware, but also of their software. Each product featured a simple LCD display, and an internal web server to allow users to log in remotely to control the device.

In order to portray the device's simplicity, I took reference images of their UI and re-created it in After Effects. This UI was completely functional too; I set it up so that the video editor could actually "use" it, allowing us to make quick changes to the video without having to constantly re-make the UI.