Group Film: Social Ghost
Group Film: Social Ghost

Group Film: Social Ghost

Software Used
Adobe Premiere ProAdobe Photoshop
Hardware Used
Canon T3i


A school film documenting the journey of the Manchester, NH based band, Social Ghost as they experience the growing pains of success.


About the Video

Filming took place over the 2018 spring semester, so in order to ensure a cohesive look and feel, the group and I discussed what we wanted the film to look like. Taking into account how last minute some of the events were, and the technology we had, we decided to use equipment we already own, and to not worry too much about locking down shots. We also kept to an "interview as it happens" style to save time. Also, we had no idea what was going to happen, so this would keep us from having to re-shoot anything.

Due to the run-and-gun nature of the film, how our two cameras didn't quite match up, and how some shots were low-light and looked disgusting, we decided to embrace the "grunge" feel and make the whole film black-and-white. This set expectations low, but also turned our mistakes and seeming carelessness into ✨art ✨.

One thing I was dead set on, however, was ensuring that our audio sounded good. Bad video can be forgivable, but bad audio makes a production un-watchable. Alex has a shotgun mic attached to his camera at all times, and I borrowed a Zoom H4n to capture more specific audio.

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