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As part of a larger "Noise Studio" app suite, Noise Presenter is a presentation solution being developed by Nysics Media to solve problems with modern presentation platforms.

Designed in a similar way to presentation apps like Proclaim or ProPresenter, Noise Presenter is focused on dynamic media. There are a multitude of document creation tools (such as Notion, Coda, Google Docs, and even newer versions of Microsoft Word) that work with dynamic information being pulled from all over. However, no solution like that exists for presentations, which are traditionally all about data.

Noise Presenter wants to fix this.

Each piece of content is considered a "block." Blocks can be a static slide, dynamic slides, videos, pictures, spreadsheets, etc.

Static slides are simply slides that contain static information.

Dynamic slides are slides that have a basic back-end. One typical use of this block could be in creating lyric slides for a worship service. The slide can contain smaller blocks of information, such as "Chorus," "Verse 1," etc., which can then be duplicated and organized however the user wants.

An example of this can be seen below.

App Prototype