Set Due Dates (Apple Reminders)

Type: Apple Shortcut

Platforms: iOS 16, iPadOS 16, macOS 13

Version: 1.0

Make Apple Reminders A Little Better

One tiny, very minuscule difference between Things 3 and Apple Reminders is that Things 3 doesn’t show your tasks as overdue. With Reminders, if you go even a minute over your task’s due date, it turns anxiety red. With this Shortcut, your overdue tasks get re-assigned to the current date.


  • Set task’s due dates to the current day.
  • If a task has a “due at a time” set, the day due is updated and the time is kept.
  • You can manually set what day or time the tasks are supposed to be set to (if you want all your overdue tasks set to 9:00am, go for it!)

How to Set Up

First, download this Shortcut to your iPhone (or another device you will most likely leave on all night).

Then, from the Shortcuts app on your iPhone, set up a Time of Day automation. You can do this by going to the “Automation” tab and clicking the “plus” button in the top right corner.

From there, select “Time of Day”, and then set the Time of Day to 12:00 AM. Make sure it’s set to repeat daily, and that the automation is set to run immediately.

From there, search for the Set Due Dates Shortcut you downloaded. Once set, the phone should do its magic as long as the device is on when the Shortcut should be run.